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Massage Meridian and meditation

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It is your birthright to feel safe, connected, comfortable and sensual in your body. You were not born to struggle and merely survive.

This affects us spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically; our issues are in our tissues. Healing means facing these forgotten feelings, allowing them to rise to be felt and forgiven.

A Bottom-Up approach to trauma recovery is a Massage Meridian and meditation effective method to complete the fight or flight response.

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Working Massage Meridian and meditation somatic therapies and energy medicine helps to process these triggers and complete the fight or flight cycle so we can return to our natural baseline. Society teaches us to cover the symptoms with distractions and drugs. This is creating a culture of sickness and wealth for pharmaceutical companies with ill intentions.

Are you ready to break free of the system that is keeping you sick? Are you ready to reclaim your inner-calm and confidence? Are you ready to awaken your intuition and feel free?

I seamlessly integrate the modalities of energy work, breath-work, visualization, meditation, meridian tapping, bioenergetic shaking, yoga, dance, massage therapy, chakra clearing, Chinese elemental clearing, sound healing, crystal medicine, mantra, and intuitive guidance.

I collectively call these body-centered methods of healing energy medicine.

I channeled my method of energy work, which I call intuitive light infusion. It involves a two part process; the release and the realignment. Massage Meridian and meditation the realignment to your divine design, I work with a spectrum of healing colors that I weave into your aura and body.

Massage Meridian and meditation infuse these lightcodes with my intuition Meirdian hands it may feel similar to Reiki. My clients report having visions, other worldly experiences, feeling a deep sense of peace, seeing colors swirling around them, and report receiving downloads of divine information.

I am here to remind you of your radiant true nature.

Massagw I immediately felt more at peace and more centered and focused on my own feelings and intuition. I felt in complete alignment with both body and mind after the session.

Immediately after she finishes her work you feel more energized and centered. You can feel both your body and energy change.

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The chakra realignment she does makes for a smooth and focused feeling Massage Meridian and meditation the session is complete. Her readings are always scarily spot on and provide you with guidance from your own higher self you might not have been able to receive on your own ".